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If you don’t have time to press or iron your shirts, then we´ve got the solution for you: our premium ironing service supplies crease-free and professionally pressed clothes- you´ll never have to worry about scrunched shirts or wrinkled dresses again. Our certified launderers also deal with bed linen, fur coats and other heavier materials, by hand-ironing or using top quality shirt-pressing technology for premium products.

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We’re so much more than just a simple dry cleaner / launderette. We’re also the number one establishment when it comes to carpet and curtain cleaning. From wool carpets to synthetic fibres, our skilled cleaners are passionate about what they do - and you’ll love the end outcome! Our cleaning products guarantee quality and amazing cleanliness, so you don’t have to worry about shrinking or damage. Your soft furnishings will be free from germs, bacteria and other detrimental pollutants invisible to the naked eye. Plus, they’ll smell fragrant and look brand new!

Best Dry Cleaner / Launderette in Muswell Hill

Our dry cleaner is established in Muswell Hill, West london where our professional dry cleaners strive to deliver only the very best services that thoroughly clean and refresh your entire wardrobe. From silk shirts to fancy frocks and even everyday clothes, our specialised dry cleaning services are guaranteed to get rid of stains, dirt caused by general wear and tear and any other blemishes. With over 30 years of experience, our dry cleaners give enduring solutions you can use over and over! We are proud to convey special services which we adjust to your individual needs, providing an outstanding overall experience. Our dry cleaners hit the mark when it comes to clothes cleaning - you won’t regret booking our service! We offer specialised services that can be tailored to your needs. So whether it’s an old wedding dress that has sensitive fabrics, or a twenties-style frock you want dry-cleaned, we can help. Whatever your individual needs, we offer a all-encompassing package. Because every outfit is a world, we understand the importance of tailoring each treatment to fit our customers’ individual wants. Whether your home textiles are in need of professional deep-cleans, or your garments need repairing, our professionals have the skills to handle it. We have built up years of experience in our fields and are experts when it comes to tailored suits, silks and other sensitive clothing types.

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